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Feast Your Eyes On These Infinitely Looping Flipbooks

Every kid loves a flipbook. It’s magic, at first sight, the way flipbooks bring sketches to life one frame at a time. But, horribly, flipbooks might also represent one of the first of many disappointments in a kid’s life: Pages run out, the animation stops dead.

Now, artist Juan Fontanive has discovered the equivalent of flipbook immortality, or maybe the fountain of flipbook youth. He crafts custom stainless steel boxes fitted with motors and intricate gears, which drive his screenprinted animations of birds and butterflies in endless, Rolodex-style loops. The results feel like classically illustrated nature books brought to life.


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By Martyna Wędzicka



Meet Imbue, a small creative tool that attaches to your sketchbook. It replaces rulers, t squares, triangles, and compasses on the go.

We know how quickly ideas come and go, and how creatives need to put down their ideas on paper as soon as it hits them. That’s where Imbue comes in to aid your creative mind to quickly draw up your idea.

We decided to rethink how people use drafting tools on the go. Imbue takes your large cumbersome drafting tools and compacts them into their most essential form.

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